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I am using this in part of my template:

{{if !IsDefault}}
    <a href="#" onclick="makeDefault('${Id}');return false;">Make Default</a>

Except when IsDefault is false it is not working. I even tried:

{{if IsDefault === false}}` and `{{if IsDefault == false}}

I have verified that the value actually is false in my json object that gets passed to the template.

I also tried this which works but is pretty ugly and I would prefer for it to just work how it should:

{{if IsDefault}}
    <a href="#" onclick="makeDefault('${Id}');return false;">Make Default</a>

Also, if I change it to check for a true condition (doesn't make sense but just tried it for debugging purposes)...

{{if IsDefault}} works fine. Looks like it just has problems with the false values. I am getting the json via an jQuery ajax call and using knockout mapping with jquery tmpl. I get no js errors.

Any ideas on why testing for false or !false is not working?

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also tried {{if IsDefault === true}} which surprisingly doesn't work but {{if IsDefault}} does... – rushonerok Jul 26 '11 at 3:36
What does your JSON object look like? – Ryan Doherty Jul 26 '11 at 3:36
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Try using {{if !(IsDefault())}}

If you are using an observable that is not in an expression, then jQuery templates sees that it is a function and calls it as a function to get the observable's value. If it is in an expression, then this doesn't happen and you need to call your observable as a function (with no args) to get its value.

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that worked. thanks – rushonerok Jul 26 '11 at 3:48

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