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<form action="?login" method="post">     <button>Login with Google</button> </form>

I usually see the action refer to a php or html file but the "?login" stumps me.

Background info: This is buried within the example-google.php file from lightopenid framework. I've been staring at the openid code to use google as a third party openid provider for user login on my web site and the sample code all works. Trying to get a clearer picture of what the framework is doing when the user presses the login button. I know that we must be sending a bunch of arguments to google on this button action but the ?login doesnt seem to point anywhere.


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a question mark denotes the query string. It will post to the current url with a query string parameter of login. I am not sure how you are processing the request after you click submit(post the form) but usually it would have a value assigned to it as in login=value

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Thanks. It's interesting that this is actually calls itself and checks isset($_GET['login']) to fill out the parameters... the rest of the php file is starting to make much more sense now in light of this. –  Richard Jul 26 '11 at 6:40

It means:

http://whatever/the-current-page-url-is?login (where "login" is the query string).

It is a relative-URI notation, similar to <img src="foo.jpg"> -- note the rest of the URI was not specified explicitly.

Happy coding

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