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I need a complex (in some degree) public dataset for OLAP kind of analysis and reports. Foodmart, AdventureWorks and Steel-Wheels which comes with BI products are focused primary on a single domain - retail sale, and the datasets I have worked with in my employment also are not much different then those.

I am in search for some interesting and complex dataset (from health sector, etc) having adequate dimension and facts for challenging OLAP design.

There are a lot of public dataset available, in AWS, and in various links provided in this very site (stackoverflow) but I find none of them to be applicable for OLAP design but for data mining.

Can anyone please help me to point out or share some datasets as I have mentioned.


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Have you found anything in this regard? It would be fantastic if there was a repository of reference schema's. –  Janvo Mar 4 '12 at 7:32

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