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I'm trying to send Events to the Esper engine through sockets and ran into some problem.

i've configured the EsperIOSocketAdapter properties and when EsperIOSocketAdapter.start() method is invoked , it starts a new daemon thread which will listen for clients , but daemon thread exits as parent thread exits before a socket client actually tries to connect.

my code snippet is as follows:

            ConfigurationSocketAdapter adapterConfig = new ConfigurationSocketAdapter();

            SocketConfig socket = new SocketConfig();
            adapterConfig.getSockets().put("CourseSocket", socket);

            EsperIOSocketAdapter socketAdapter = new EsperIOSocketAdapter (adapterConfig, "CourseSocket");

Another doubt is in programs without using the SocketAdapter i used to send events through the code

EPRuntime.sendEvent(new TestEvent(event));

While using SocketAdapter, shoud i use sendEvent() or events will automatically pushed into the engine.

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Your socket problem seems to be of a generic nature where the JVM is terminating because you do not have any non-daemon threads running. Make the parent thread (or the socket thread) a non-daemon thread and the JVM will not terminate. (Make sure you can actually stop the thread or your JVM will be stubborn about shutting down :) )

When you use the SocketAdapter, your "sending client" is remote to the physical EPRuntime, but you use the remote socket to send events over the socket, as outlined in the docs.

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