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I've two workflows running as services in console applications and from workflow-1 I'm making two calls to workflow-2 through SendAndReceiveReply activity. Also, I'm using MessageCorrelation (by passing a GUID) to the workflow-2 so both the two calls from the workflow-1 are directed to the same workflow-2 instance. But the problem is the first call is getting succeeded while the second one fails. If I pass different GUIDs for each call then both the calls get succeeded.

Here is the exception,

System.ServiceModel.FaultException: The operation could not be performed because WorlflowInstance '82h238-23j2392-23293j..' was aborted.

EDITED: The two calls are made from one branch of a parallel activity while the other branch has a delay activity.

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Looks like the error message is pretty clear about the cause as it states that the other workflow is aborted. I presume this is because of an unhanded exception so the next step would be to debug that workflow and find out what the problem is that causes it to abort.

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thanks for your reply. I don't see any problem with that workflow bcoz when I'm directly invoking it from WCFTestClient every thing seems fine. I think some kind of message correlation I've to do in workflow-1 on making two service calls to same workflow-2 instance. A single call is getting succeeded and two calls with different correlation key also getting succeeded but two calls with same key is failing. –  Mark Jul 26 '11 at 9:18

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