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Can somebody tell me how to register mscomm32.ocx. I pasted it in system32 and then tried to register using "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\mscomm32.ocx" . Even then i got some error message something like this: "the file was loaded but it is unable to register error 0x8002801". I use 32 bit OS Windows 7 I would be pleased if someone helped me with this.

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You indicate you are using vb.net. I hope you realize that com functions are built into the framework and you shouldn't need mscomm32.ocx. See: System.IO.Ports.SerialPort –  Robert Beaubien Jul 26 '11 at 8:15

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You may need to run in it as an administrator. My recommendation would be to start a command prompt as the administrator (right-click on the Command Prompt icon in the Start menu and select "Run as Administrator").

That's a guess based on this article - DLLRegisterserver failed with error code 0x8002801

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