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MVC3, Entity Framework Code-First, Annotated POCOs.

In my controller I have a posted CSV file, which I have converted into a List<string> (I'm happy with the CSV split logic) The first line is an instance of X in a predefined format and subsequent lines are instances of Y, all in the same predefined format different from X). X is the parent of many Ys and both are defined as POCOs so exist in the DB.

What I need to do is present X and Ys in the webpage on separate lines, highlighting the invalid lines and allowing the user to correct or delete them and resubmit until all are valid. When all remaining lines are valid it must go into the DB. Ideally, I want to validate client-side as well as server.

I'd like to take advantage of the POCO data annotations to provide the validation. I was previously defining regexes to validate both sides but this seems too cumbersome, unreliable and repetitive (as the annotations have regexes)

I had all of this then tried some refactoring and broke it, but the code was never tidy enough for my liking, so I am looking for best practice advice (in MVC terms) using the aforementioned tech.

Hope someone can help. Many thanks.

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Looks like I should be using TryValidateModel() at some point –  Mark Jul 26 '11 at 7:56
One of the main issues is that I can't validate the model until its properties are set, and I can't guarantee setting its properties because some fields might not be cast-able to the property type. –  Mark Jul 26 '11 at 8:00

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