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I want to use the jqtouch animation effects.My scenario is suppose I am having two html pages named as first.html and second.html. First.html has a anchor tag which references to the second.html. And second.html also has a anchor tag which references to first.html.With this href I am also passing query parameters.I want to have the animation effects between this pages.

I am unable to give the effects using jqtouch as the sample application is showing the effects in the same page itself.Please provide some help regarding this effects. what changes should I make in the script and provide sample code.

Thank you

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Have you tried the suggestion provided by addydmasi on JQTouch Animations Wiki? Pasting the relevant comment below for easy reference:

To those who want to animate between two separate web pages, try this in your <body>:

<div id="main"><ul><li><a href="#page1" class="slide">Go to another page</a></li></ul></div>
<div id="page1"><iframe src="">Error</iframe></div>
Replace the src with the file name of the second page and also "page1" with any other name. Then add this to your <head>:

<style type="text/css">div>iframe{width:100%;height:100%;margin:0;padding:0;border-width:0;}</style>

Let us know if this works.

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Hey Thanks for the answer ,I have tried a number of ways , but iframe is remaining so I will give this one a try. – Abhijit C Oct 31 '11 at 11:50

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