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I want to create a windows service using WIX and set some parameters (not arguments) to the service. I refer to the parameters which appears under the System->[X]ControlSet->[Service Name]->Parameters. Anyone knows how can I do so? Thanks.

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I did that by manually adding registry values I need, and it works ok:

<Component Id="NSSM" Guid="[MYGUID]">
  <File Id="NSSM" Name="nssm.exe" Source="nssm.exe" />
  <ServiceInstall Id="RenderSvc" Name="Render" DisplayName="Render" Type="ownProcess" Start="auto" ErrorControl="normal" />
  <RegistryKey Root="HKLM" Key="SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Render\Parameters">
     <RegistryValue Name="AppDirectory" Value="[F_ROOT]bin" Type="expandable" />
     <RegistryValue Name="Application" Value="[F_BIN]render.exe" Type="expandable" />
     <RegistryValue Name="AppParameters" Value="" Type="expandable" />
     <RegistryKey Key="AppExit">
        <RegistryValue Value="Restart" Type="string" />
  <ServiceControl Id="RenderSvc" Name="Render" Start="install" Stop="both" />

After inspecting resulting msi file in Orca I think it's creating registry values before creating a service. It would be better to do that just after creation, but it works for me, so i stopped here.

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may be this will be helpfull ServiceInstall wix element

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I know the ServiceInstall element but there are no paramenters to add to the service – Omri Jul 26 '11 at 9:33

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