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In my application I have a MainActivity that extends ListActivity. All other my activities extend MainActivity.

In this way in MainActivity I have all settings valid for all my activities and also a BroadcastReceiver that receives intents from a service.

My problem is Preference class that doesn't extend MainActivity and so I lose same intents when user is in Preference window.

Is it possible to set a BroadcastReceiver always on for all the components of my application?

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BroadcastReceiver triggered by IntentFilter which has nothing to do with Intent, but with action string.

If Intent started with same action - that would start BroadcastReceiver. So to start BroadcastReceiver from your Preferences activity you just need to start it with the same action as stated in your IntentFilter (as here in example: "mypackage.myclass.MY_ACTION"):

    <receiver android:name=".MyReceiver">
            <action android:name="mypackage.myclass.MY_ACTION"/>
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