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is there some way how to access android system private drawable: ic_btn_round_more?
This is the more icon which is used in DialogPreference (res.layout.preference_dialog.xml) It's not accessible through android.R.drawable

I don't want to copy bitmap file, because that icon can be different for every device. I found this: http://www.androidjavadoc.com/2.3/android/R.attr.html#moreIcon But I'm not sure how can I use it. Basically I'm trying to add more icon to my custom ListView, which whould look exactly android way.

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You probably know that you can access all the more button images on C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platforms\android-12\data\res Now coping them to corresponding directoryes (drawable-mdpi, drawable-ldpi, drawable-hdpi) and using them from there depending on the devices dpi/screen size? (don't know if this helps) –  Indrek Kõue Jul 26 '11 at 8:04
problem is that there is different more icon for HTC and Samsung galaxy, that's reason I want to avoid copying resources –  Janci Jul 26 '11 at 8:16

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You can use Nine-patch to create your own rounded button which can be exactly the same as drawable ic_btn_round_more. you can get more information about how to use Nine-Patch here : http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/tools/draw9patch.html

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I have my own custom Icon in current version, but again I want use some nice android way because that icon is different for HTC and Samsung Galaxy –  Janci Jul 26 '11 at 8:19

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