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Suppose I have a trait NYSE that can retrieve the market currency

trait NYSE extends Market {
  override def getCurrency = "USD"

Now suppose I have a Trader class that needs to know the currency. Easy:

val trader = new Trader with NYSE

However suppose within Trader I have something like

val Database = new Database

But I really want to pass market information so that

val trader = new Trader with NYSE

Automatically initialises the internal variable as follows

val Database = new Database with NYSE


val trader = new Trader with LSE

Automatically does

val Database = new Database with LSE

Is there a way to achieve this?

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I think type classes are perfect for what you are looking for:

trait Currency[T] { def get: String }
trait DatabaseProvider[T] { def get: String }

object Markets {

  trait NYSE

  implicit case object NYSECurrency extends Currency[NYSE] {
    def get = "USD"
  implicit case object NYSEDBProvider extends DatabaseProvider[NYSE] {
    def get = "NYSE_DB"


class Trader[T]( 
  implicit val currency: Currency[T],
  val dbProvider: DatabaseProvider[T]
) {
  def getCurrency = currency.get
  def getDatabase = dbProvider.get

object Demo extends App {
  import Markets._
  val trader = new Trader[NYSE]
  println( trader.getCurrency )
  println( trader.getDatabase )

You can add as many markets you want and you uncouple completely the different implementations.

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Can you just

trait DatabaseProvider { def getDatabase: Database }

class Trader extends DatabaseProvider {
  val Database = getDatabase

trait NYSE extends Market with DatabaseProvider {
  override def getCurrency = "USD"
  def getDatabase = new Database with NYSE
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Suppose in Database I wish to do: def myFunction { val currency = getCurrency }. Can this be done? –  deltanovember Jul 26 '11 at 9:30
@deltanovember - Not as far as I know, not as written. –  Rex Kerr Jul 26 '11 at 9:38

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