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so i'm developing my first WordPress plugin and i am having some difficulties... I am doing it Object Oriented...
In the bottom, when 'plugins_loaded', i Create a new instance of myClass. It also enques a javascript, everytime any page is loaded. This script registration works, because i get a console.log every page load. It then registers an action on 'publish_post' that is fired when an admin publishes(saves) a new post and invokes my publish_post() method.
The method is called, when a post is published; i know it because if i uncomment it's two first lines, the sctipt dies with my var_dump.
My problem is that wp_enque_script() is not working in this method. For some reason my script isn't called...
Here's the code:

class myClass{  
    function __construct(){     
        // hooks & filters..
        add_action( 'publish_post', array($this, 'publish_post'));
            'plugin', //$handle
             plugins_url('/js/plugin.js', __FILE__)//$src

    function publish_post(){
        //global $wp_query;
            'publish', //$handle
             plugins_url('/js/publish.js', __FILE__)//$src
/* Initialise outselves */
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', create_function( '', 'global $myObject; $myObject = new myClass;' ));

Anyone has any idea why this is happening? thanx

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Just had the same problem. You have to add it to a hook, for example the init (I tried with admin_head hook but that didn't work so I picked init because I saw it in another plugin. And it seem to work fine for me)

In you construct add:

add_action('init', array($this, 'loadMyScripts'));

and in the function called by the action:

public function loadMyScripts()
            'publish', //$handle
             plugins_url('/js/publish.js', __FILE__)//$src

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