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How does one auto generate the timestamp in a entity bean in hibernate?

Does the @Generator have anything to directly put in it like:

@GeneratedValue(vale=new Date().getTime())
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You can implement global EntityInterceptor:

public class GlobalEntityInterceptor 
    extends EmptyInterceptor {
    public boolean onSave(java.lang.Object entity, p2, java.lang.Object[] p3, java.lang.String[] p4, org.hibernate.type.Type[] p5) {   
  //first save - you can modify your entity fields
    public boolean onFlushDirty(java.lang.Object entity, p2, java.lang.Object[] p3, java.lang.Object[] p4, java.lang.String[] p5, 
                                    org.hibernate.type.Type[] p6) { 
  //modification  - you can modify your entity fields 


there are some annotation-driven solutions like @PrePersist, but they only work in few environments.

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You cannot put some code into the annotation, you just provide the values.

For automatically updating a timestamp at every change to the entity, you can use @Version on a timestamp field:

   private Timestamp lastUpdate;
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You could use hibernates interceptors for populating entities with some data ie. creation date etc.

Read here for more information about interceptors

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I was very tempted to down vote you :) you answer is horrible – Shahzeb Jul 26 '11 at 9:37

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