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I am working on a spring 2.5.4 project, where I need to get an ajax response that returns a integer value on ajax request. Is there is some way I can do it?

For now, I believe all ajax calls either returns a page or a part of page.

The sample code I am using for ajax request with prototype is as follows,

var ajaxSourceTable = new Ajax.Request(
    {   method:'post', 
            /*alert time out here*/
            alert("Request failed ! Please report the issue : "+t.responseText);
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Your ../fetch/timeout.html?ajax=true has to return the single value. You should rather write a controller for that which return text/plain or application/json with the data in the response body.

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Could you please provide some pointers to some sample or code snippet :( I could not figure it out myself..Thanks for your time. – Abhishek Jul 26 '11 at 9:47
Yes, make yourself acquiant with 1, 2. Do not forget to set the response type to application/json. This will enable you to retrieve the object directly with Prototype t.responseJson. In general, google for spring 2.5 controller return json. – Michael-O Jul 26 '11 at 9:59

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