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my foundation on SQL is pretty weak so I hope you could bear with me. I have three tables: contents, categories, and categorization. The setup was chosen since some content will belong to one or more categories.

I want to fetch contents and its corresponding categories.

This is an overly-simplified version of the current script, without error-checking routines:

$q = "SELECT * FROM contents WHERE contents.foo = 'bar'"
$resource = mysql_query($q);
$categoryFilter = array();

$q2 = "SELECT * FROM categorization WHERE ";
while($content = mysql_fetch_assoc($resource))
    $categoryFilter[] = "content_id='" . $content["id"] . "'";

    $q2 .= implode(" OR ", $categoryFilter);

That's the gist of it. I hope you get what I am trying to do. I don't know if I can actually use JOINS the content_id may be present in multiple rows in categorization. So what I did was to simply append multiple OR's, trying to fetch items one by one. I really would not like to use multiple queries in this scenario. I hope anyone could suggest an approach

Thanks for your time

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One query should be enough to fetch data from all three tables:

SELECT categories.category_id #, other fields
FROM contents
INNER JOIN categorization ON contents.content_id = categorization.content_id
INNER JOIN categories ON categorization.category_id = categories.category_id
WHERE contents.content_id = 1 # AND other filters

Tweak the columns in the SELECT clause and/or conditions in WHERE clause according to your needs.

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Thanks for answering. The reason that I might not want to use JOINS is that one content may belong in 5 categories or more. I am returning a lot of data from the content table because I really need them. One column is actually data from a rich text (WYSIWYG) editor. So you can expect at least 1kb for that column. I don't want JOINS to duplicate those columns. All I need is the category IDs. –  Rolando Cruz Jul 27 '11 at 5:34
@Ronlando: in that case I'd rather use two queries: one to select necessary columns from content table; the other to select just the category_id and category_name (the above one). If you do not specify the lots_of_data column in the select clause, the query won't return it. –  Salman A Jul 27 '11 at 5:48

This should do the same thing as in your example:

$q = "
    SELECT *
        contents c
        categorization ctg ON ctg.content_id = c.id
    WHERE c.foo = 'bar'

$result = mysql_query($q);
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If I understand it correctly, you can do this in one sql statement

FROM contents t1 
JOIN categorization t2
WHERE t1.content_id = t2.content_id AND t1.foo = 'bar'

Also ensure that content_id is indexed both in 'content' and 'categorization'. You may find it worthwhile indexing 'foo' aswell, but it depends on how you are actually searching.

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