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I'm developing an Android market for my thesis, and I need a recommendations system to order my app.

Basically for each app I have an average grade given by users, downloads number, how many times people have been looking app details, and a couple of other fields. I would like to find an algorithm that generates an average score based on the 4-5 fields, and order apps based on this score (I can do the ordering part), so that the apps are listed and suggested based on this score.

I know that creating your own system is really complicated, there are thesis bases only on recommendation system, but that's is definitely not part of my thesis, I can't simply order applications only considering the feedback given by users. I need an algorithm or a function that consider 4-5 fields together and generate a score like in the real Android market, or Amazon, or Apple store etc. It doesn't have to be that good, just fair enough.

Can you suggest an algorithm ready to be used. It doesn't matter how good or innovate it is (of course it should be not a paleolithic one). I don't know exactly what and where to look for it.

It would be nice to find 2 such algorithms.

  1. The first one simply orders apps based on some fields. The same order for everyone. So not really a recommendation system cause it doesn't care about user info.

Example: I have an app in my database with an average vote of 3 on 5 stars, 250 downloads, 2500 people visiting the page and something else. I would like an algorithm that weights this fields and generate a score N and then in my DB when I ask for a list of 20 apps I order those according to this score. Some suggestions or ideas?

  1. And the second based on a couple of fields more, for example category and sub category of each app ordering or given different score based on users and based also on user profile, like age, sex, country so that I can consider what people with similar profile have downloaded and suggest it to other users.

Anyway something easy and quick to integrate with my easyphp infrastructure. I have a MySQL database.... Does a recommendation or filtering system need a special engine or additional staff?

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i don't really see how you can use an ready-to-go algorithm on specific data like that , you don't treat average note the same way that the date entry of the app or the number or user. personally , i'll try to get it myself instead of searching an already set solution. Again it's my opinion and not aggressive in any way. But if there is really those kind of algo , i'm curious to look into. –  eephyne Jul 26 '11 at 9:50
i edited a little the question to make it clear.....i have a lack of knowledgw about this staff, so i don't know it here are ready to use or easy to custmize algorithm.......the point one is what matter to me......that should be the easy one, it' is just a a way to woek out an average based on more fields.....the second one is a plus....but i can care about in a second time..........any suggestiond will be appreciate :) –  user280560 Jul 26 '11 at 10:05
ok this is a little more clear than before :p . for the first one , i'll do it this way : think about what more important in the ordering ,example , the number of download since the app is here (200 in 1 week is more impressive than 1000 in 1 year).Once you get the priority of the parameters , think about the way to mix them. in my opinion you can't find an algorithm because you're the only one who can determine which way this need to be ordered (does a five star app is higher in the order than a top download app ?) , mixing all the elements to get one and for all order is not great i think –  eephyne Jul 26 '11 at 10:49
That's exaxtly what i meant for the point one....and as you said 200 in 1 week is definetly more impressive than 1000 in 1 year....Considering that i have a mysql db, php in the middle to make query and return json object and java for my android client that get the json and parse it.At wich level this "ordering" algorith should work? for example on the flight in php page...it mean that that the db is not ordered and in the php page i make a query enfìding with ORDER BY and than my function ordering,or the MYsql db shoul already ordered,maybe running my algoruth once a day to reorder app table? –  user280560 Jul 26 '11 at 11:04

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