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Firstly, some short explanations for the pages that we will be using here in the example.


The page where user interacts with various controls, fills the info, and submits the form.


The page that creates session variables and stores values as well as serves as an intermediate page where it passes value / redirects to C.asp.


The page that does processing and displays results.

So in short, the flow is something like, A -> B -> C

Now, what I'd like to achieve is to put the results right on A.asp instead of seeing them on C.asp. I guess I should be able to do it with JQuery Ajax, perhaps simply by using $("div#loadResults").load("B.asp").

But somehow I couldn't make it happen with above line of code. I think I must have missed something there. Can anyone kindly give suggestions or thoughts?



It is actually a massive Form, so I don't think it'd be good idea to upload huge chunk of code directly to here.


Another question is: which of the following should I be using,, Button.submit() or Form.submit()?

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@ Edit2: You should use '' so you still have one action slot free. By the way, I think the event 'button.submit()' makes no sense. – reporter Jul 26 '11 at 10:24

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