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I know running:

play netbeansify

configures the IDE for the Play Framework.

My Problems:

  • I have no JavaDoc for the Play Framework
  • I cannot navigate to the Play Source

Has anyone managed to get that done.

BR, Rene

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It's been long since I used Netbeans so I can't give you the To link the full steps, but:

  • The source is available here. You'll need to link it as "code source" to your project. IntelliJ IDEA prompts me to browse for the source automatically when trying to browse it if it's not available, I don't know if Netbeans may have something similar

I assume once the source is linked the Javadoc in it will be available. There is not too much, I warn you (this is not like Maven projects where you have the 3 jars: source, binary and javadoc). But the code is simple and self-explanatory.

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What InteliJ Version do you use? The community version? – reen Jul 26 '11 at 19:05
Yes, it's good enough for Play. – Pere Villega Jul 27 '11 at 8:32

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