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I am looking to be able to do life frequency detection in I must say I don't really know where to begin here. I have looked into, but that seems to only work with pre-recorded audio. I need to be able to detect the frequency of audio coming in over the line in or mic input in near real-time.

Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps NAudio, an open source .NET audio and MIDI library, can help. I would also check this CodeProject article for inspiration.

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I have experience with BASS/C++ for live frequency detection. It basically goes like these in C++. I think you can easily find .NET equivalence:


    // initialize BASS recording (default device)
    if (!BASS_RecordInit(-1)) {
            LOG("Can't initialize device")

    // start recording (44100hz mono 16-bit)
    if (!(m_recChan = BASS_RecordStart(44100, 1, 0, &DuffRecording, 0))) {
            LOG("Can't start recording")

The timer is then set up to retrieve the frequency data for every 50ms. Here is the code used.

                    float fft[4096];
                    BASS_ChannelGetData(m_recChan, fft, BASS_DATA_FFT8192); // get the FFT data

Hope this helps.

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