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What's a quick and easy way to view and edit ID3 tags (artist, album, etc.) using C#?

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Thirding TagLib Sharp.

TagLib.File f = TagLib.File.Create(path);
f.Tag.Album = "New Album Title";
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+1. Just what I needed. – David Oct 28 '09 at 3:18
Can anybody tell me how to set Artist property? There are a lot of related properties (FirstArtist, Artist, JointedArtists, FirstPerformer) and almost all of them are read-only or deprecated... – Laserson Oct 14 '10 at 17:24
A bit late, but you can add the performers/artists by the following: mp3.Tag.Performers = new string[] { "Performer 1", "Performer 2", "Performer 3" }; – nokturnal Aug 15 '11 at 20:28
Awesome library. I used it to copy id3 tags. – Ronnie Overby Nov 23 '11 at 2:46
Does this library support modern ID3v2 tags? Simucal's snippet suggests not (unless he just took part of it). – James May 18 '13 at 18:38

TagLib Sharp is pretty popular.

As a side note, if you wanted to take a quick and dirty peek at doing it yourself.. here is a C# snippet I found to read an mp3's tag info.

class MusicID3Tag


    public byte[] TAGID = new byte[3];      //  3
    public byte[] Title = new byte[30];     //  30
    public byte[] Artist = new byte[30];    //  30 
    public byte[] Album = new byte[30];     //  30 
    public byte[] Year = new byte[4];       //  4 
    public byte[] Comment = new byte[30];   //  30 
    public byte[] Genre = new byte[1];      //  1


string filePath = @"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\Sample Music\041105.mp3";

        using (FileStream fs = File.OpenRead(filePath))
            if (fs.Length >= 128)
                MusicID3Tag tag = new MusicID3Tag();
                fs.Seek(-128, SeekOrigin.End);
                fs.Read(tag.TAGID, 0, tag.TAGID.Length);
                fs.Read(tag.Title, 0, tag.Title.Length);
                fs.Read(tag.Artist, 0, tag.Artist.Length);
                fs.Read(tag.Album, 0, tag.Album.Length);
                fs.Read(tag.Year, 0, tag.Year.Length);
                fs.Read(tag.Comment, 0, tag.Comment.Length);
                fs.Read(tag.Genre, 0, tag.Genre.Length);
                string theTAGID = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.TAGID);

                if (theTAGID.Equals("TAG"))
                    string Title = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.Title);
                    string Artist = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.Artist);
                    string Album = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.Album);
                    string Year = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.Year);
                    string Comment = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.Comment);
                    string Genre = Encoding.Default.GetString(tag.Genre);

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That is only for ID3v1. v2 has another structure, it's in the beginning of the file (as opposed to v1 which was in the end) and has variable length (v1 is always 128 bytes). – jishi Nov 11 '08 at 16:38
+1. Just what I needed. – David Oct 28 '09 at 3:19
Is not working for me :( – rhose87 Apr 15 '13 at 9:34
it's very too long solution & not optimized . stackoverflow.com/a/4361634/1395101 – Amin Ghaderi Dec 16 '15 at 21:28
Encoding.Default can be replaced with Encoding.UTF8. For more information visit: gigamonkeys.com/book/practical-an-id3-parser.html – Mirjalal Talishinski Jan 17 at 17:34


//using HundredMilesSoftware.UltraID3Lib;
UltraID3 u = new UltraID3();
u.Artist = "New Artist";
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+1 This is the best library by far - since 'UltraID3Lib supports most all of the seventy-four types of frames specified in the ID3 v2.3' as well as the early ID3v1 tags. Best answer. – James May 18 '13 at 18:33
+1 This is much easier to use and simpler way to deal with mp3 metadata – amrswalha Aug 15 '13 at 9:21
I used this recently and it works awesome and does not burden the process. It's fast and easy to use and accounts for just about every tag that exists in ID3 versions 1 and 2 (you can use both at once or just one or the other). It does way more than I needed. It also had a very comprehensive help file. I will recommend this to everyone. – fredsbend Sep 12 '13 at 18:59

TagLib Sharp has support for reading ID3 tags.

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I started using TagLib sharp based on the recommendation here and it worked great for my application (which was read-only of MP3 info). – greg7gkb Oct 22 '08 at 7:41
+1. Just what I needed. – David Oct 28 '09 at 3:19
See hewins's answer below for the new link location – Conrad Frix Dec 27 '10 at 4:23

I wrapped mp3 decoder library and made it available for .net developers. You can find it here:


Included are the samples to convert mp3 file to PCM, and read ID3 tags.

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ID3.NET implemented ID3v1.x and ID3v2.3 and supports read/write operations on the ID3 section in MP3 files. There's also a NuGet package available.

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