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I am able to generate some tags inside the asp textbox control using jquery
Following is the jquery

var bb = document.createElement('span');
   bb.innerHTML= "test123";
   $("#" + "<%= TextBox1.ClientID %>").append(bb);

I can see the text "test123" in IE but a blank textbox in Firefox(I am using 5).

When I see in firebug, that span got create inside the textbox.

Can anyone tell me how to make that span content to be displayed/get shown in FF too?

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I had encountered this problem before ::

Essentially .append operation is adding the span into . Changes to this are not always reflected in Chrome/Firefox .

Instead try adding it by using

TextBox.value += "Testing content addition";
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I know this is a javascript function. But I need a SPAN tag inside that textbox. If I give one tag, it shows the "<span>test123</span>" as it is. Not just "test123". The reason why I need this is I need to format only some text inside the textbox. – mathesh Jul 26 '11 at 10:15

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