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I've been playing around with a Chrome extension to enable me to right click on some selection of text and search that text on a site like Wikipedia or IMDb. I've managed to do this, but when I right click I would prefer to have the options listed one after the other. The way Chrome context menu extensions work by default cause any items to be gathered under one parent menu, as described here:

It does not specifically mention, however, that items absolutely cannot be listed individually. I haven't seen anything to suggest how it could be done though. I imagine creating separate extensions would work, but that's not an ideal solution.

Anybody have any ideas?

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There's no workaround than creating multiple extensions. Clearly Google Chrome does not allow more than one item on the main context menu.

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Chrome does allow multiple context menus as a sub menu. I see the question is pretty old but this answer is for those who might need in the future. The way is to call contextMenus.create multiple times and it will group them as a sub menu.

chrome.contextMenus.create({title: "Look up in IMDB", contexts:["selection"], onclick: lookUpImdb});
chrome.contextMenus.create({title: "Look up in Wikipedia", contexts:["selection"], onclick: lookUpWikipedia});
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