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I use wamp server and Propel.I have written my service using Propel but when I want to connect the data returned from the service Flex cannot recognize the return type.

This is the php code that I wrote


// Include the main Propel script
require_once 'C:/wamp/propel/runtime/lib/Propel.php';

// Initialize Propel with the runtime configuration

// Add the generated 'classes' directory to the include path
set_include_path("C:/wamp/www/school/build/classes" . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path());

class TeacherService { 
function getTeachers()


 foreach($allTeachers as $teacher1)

  array_push($teachers, $teacher1); 


return $teachers;

I wanto to display the information of teacers in a datagrid yet when I choose to auto-detect the return type it gives the error

'teacher' cannot be set to the data type "StdClass" because it has no properties.

How can I let flex know the properties of teacher rows returned by propel?

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I added the PHP Tag b/c you seem to only provide PHP code. I, personally, don't know what propel is. – JeffryHouser Jul 26 '11 at 11:40

@www.Flextras.com Propel is a PHP ORM framework.

If you want serialization to work on your php class you would have to have something like this

var $_explicitType = "path.to.classes.Teacher";

and on your Flex side VO's you would have to have something like this.


This is assuming you are using AMF. Also in your AMF endpoint you have to specify the mapping, so for example I would have something like this in my endpoint file.

$server->setClassMap('path.to.classes.Teacher' , 'path\to\classes\Teacher');

This lets your endpoint know that when it sees a class with the matching descriptor, which class on the PHP side it should be deserialized to.

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