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I'm new to Kml and i'm searching for a way to define a more complex kml schema that can contain: a defined region, and inside the region all the countries of the region with their coordinates. So the schema has to contain a complex element and not a simple one.

Currently i have this structure for country. But i don't know how can i make one for region.

<Schema parent="Placemark" name="S_country">  
    <SimpleField type="wstring" name="CNTRY_NAME">
    <SimpleField type="wstring" name="CURR_TYPE">
    <SimpleField type="wstring" name="CURR_CODE">

It is possible to have complex elements inside the schema?

Thank you!

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Try reading this. It's the least thing you can do other than doing your own research.

Advance KML 1: Easy Note
Advance KML 2: Google Tutorial

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