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i just followed a tutorial on and need to figure out how to add a active state on this JQuery string.

enter code here

<script type="text/javascript">

$(function () {
        //.css( {backgroundColour: "#000000"} )
        //  $(this).stop().animate({backgroundPosition:"(-20px 94px)"}, {duration:500})
        //  $(this).stop().animate({backgroundPosition:"(40px 35px)"}, {duration:200, complete:function(){
        //      $(this).css({backgroundPosition: "-20px 35px"})
        //  }})
    // find the div.fade elements and hook the hover event
    $('div.fade').hover(function() {
        // on hovering over find the element we want to fade *up*
        var fade = $('> div', this);

        // if the element is currently being animated (to fadeOut)...
        if (':animated')) {
            // ...stop the current animation, and fade it to 1 from current position
            fade.stop().fadeTo(250, 1);
        } else {
    }, function () {
        var fade = $('> div', this);
        if (':animated')) {
            fade.stop().fadeTo(250, 0);
        } else {

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Use the click method

 // code
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