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I have oracle date , I want to translate it to my date , for instance 24.7.2011 is sunday so i want a function to return 1 , for 25.7.2011 I want it to return 2 and so on...

I have been searching the wwb for examples but with no successes please help me.

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The Oracle function for this is TO_DATE with the 'D' format model:

SQL> select to_char (date '2011-07-24', 'D') d from dual;


As you can see, this returns 7 for Sunday, not 1, when I run it. The value returned varies according to your NLS settings. If necessary you could do this to get what you want:

SQL> select to_char (date '2011-07-24'+1, 'D') d from dual;


More details about Oracle's date format models can be found here

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+1 for linking to the official manual –  a_horse_with_no_name Jul 26 '11 at 12:22

just you have to write to_char(your_date_column_name,'D') it will give the same answer what you have asked

just click here for more details

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