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I'm trying to set the width of the columns in my datagrid. I use Compact Framework 2.0 and C#

I tried this but it gives me an "out of bonds" error message:

foreach (DataGridColumnStyle vColumnStyle in dataGrid1.TableStyles[0].GridColumnStyles)
    vColumnStyle.Width = 100;

Here is the code for filling my datagrid with the datatable (only fails when I try to set the columns width):

void FillData()
    // 1
    // Open connection
    string conString = "Data Source=\\Program Files\\smartdeviceproject2\\repartocrack.sdf";
    using (SqlCeConnection c = new SqlCeConnection(conString))
        // 2
        // Create new DataAdapter
        using (SqlCeDataAdapter a = new SqlCeDataAdapter(
        "SELECT codbultocomp, nombre, estado FROM envios INNER JOIN tiendas ON envios.codigodestino = tiendas.codigodestino", c))
            // 3
            // Use DataAdapter to fill DataTable
            DataTable t = new DataTable();
            // 4
            // Render data onto the screen
            foreach (DataGridColumnStyle vColumnStyle in dataGrid1.TableStyles[0].GridColumnStyles)
                vColumnStyle.Width = 100;
            dataGrid1.DataSource = t;
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Try this code:

DataGridTableStyle tableStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
tableStyle.MappingName = t.TableName;
foreach (DataColumn item in t.Columns)
    DataGridTextBoxColumn tbcName = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();
    tbcName.Width = 100;
    tbcName.MappingName = item.ColumnName;
    tbcName.HeaderText = item.ColumnName;
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Thanks, that worked like a charm! –  rfc1484 Jul 26 '11 at 12:42
nice to hear :) –  Reniuz Jul 26 '11 at 12:45
I get that this is an "old" question but wondering if setting to "Auto" is an option? –  Refracted Paladin Feb 17 '14 at 20:12

I spent a better part of 2 days looking for the answer above. Thanks for the great solutions provided. Here is some vb code, with a customization of column widths by column:

    ' trgAppt is defined as system.windows.forms.datagrid
    Dim tableStyle As DataGridTableStyle
    tableStyle = New DataGridTableStyle
    tableStyle.MappingName = dtAppt.TableName
   For Each myItem As DataColumn In dtAppt.Columns
    Dim tbcName As DataGridTextBoxColumn = New DataGridTextBoxColumn
    Select Case myItem.ColumnName.ToString.ToUpper
     Case "STOP"
       tbcName.Width = 35
     Case "ORDER"
       tbcName.Width = 45
     Case "CUSTOMER"
       tbcName.Width = 70
     Case "QTY"
       tbcName.Width = 35
    End Select
    tbcName.MappingName = myItem.ColumnName
    tbcName.HeaderText = myItem.ColumnName
    tbcName = Nothing
    trgAppt.DataSource = dtAppt
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