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We runnig site-s with EE 1.6.8... Not funny, but my boss like it... So we implemented a search. Everything is fine but the search url is like this: /search/results/0374c6c40f159934bc6795f031c4e52f10/ instead /search/results/keyword The developers said, that only a paid plugin can we put the keyword in the url. OMG. Is it true? And another Q: after few hours the search url give no results back. It seems, that the session of the cookie expired or anything. I have two ideas: 1. Our developers want to fool me 2. EE is so, it's not a cms just a cms like thing...

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You are correct, the EE Search module uses session-based URLs for results. The reason being that search results are cached for performance, so those results need to expire after a short period of time (as new results might need to appear).

I assume what you want is bookmarkable search results. In this case, I suggest Super Search, or on the free, Google-powered end, the Google Search Results plugin.

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Not 100% sure if it would work but in theory you could have www.example.com/search/results/keyword .

In your EE code you would put {exp:weblog:entries search:body="{segment_3}"}title:{title} etc..{/exp:channel:enties} as shown on http://expressionengine.com/legacy_docs/modules/weblog/parameters.html#par_search

The problem is when the keyword contains non [a-z][0-9] characters which is worth considering.

We offer EvoPost on our website for free http://www.eevolution.co.uk/index.php/addons/evopost which will enable you to capture the keywords from a HTTP POST variable e.g. search:body="{ep_txtboxname}"

Feel free to contact us through our website if you need any assistance with the product.



EEvolution Developer

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