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I have a WebView which should support zoom. The UI design requires custom zoom controls and therefore I disabled the built in zoom controls. The problem now, the pinch zoom is disabled, too. Setting the built in controls enables the pinch zoom.

final WebSettings settings = mWebView.getSettings();
settings.setBuiltInZoomControls(false); // disables the pinch zoom, too

Does someone know a solution to disable/hide the built in controls and keep the pinch zoom?

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To the best of my knowledge it is a package deal. You'll have to re-implement pinch zooming your self I think. I could be wrong though. –  FoamyGuy Jul 26 '11 at 13:17
hm... I just found out that this issue is on my Nexus One, but not on the Galaxy Tab, so there is some inconsistence implementation... it could be a android bug, too –  WarrenFaith Jul 26 '11 at 13:23

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Yes there is a function setDisplayZoomControls,
Sets whether the on screen zoom buttons are used. A combination of built in zoom controls enabled and on screen zoom controls disabled allows for pinch to zoom to work without the on screen controls

NOTE: Since API Level 11 only:(

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thanks, I need API 7 :) –  WarrenFaith Jul 26 '11 at 13:30

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