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I have been making paint application and i have implemented successfully drawing with paint brush..My problem is I do not want color to be redrawn on the screen where color is already been painted..Have a look in screenshot..I am using OpenGl ES.. I tried to match screens pixels' color with current brush's color but I could not get it right..Can anyone tell me where i am going wrong?? Thanks..

Screenshot for probliem :

I am pasting my code here:

  - (void)touchesMoved:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event

CGRect  bounds =[self bounds];
UITouch *touch = [[event touchesForView:self] anyObject];

  Byte pixel[4];
glReadPixels(location.x,location.y, 1, 1, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, &pixel);
NSLog(@"%d %d %d %d",pixel[0],pixel[1],pixel[2],pixel[3]);


artbrushAppDelegate *app=(artbrushAppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication]delegate];

  if(r_comp==app.rg && && 
 // app.rg,, are brush colors saved in global varable



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Have you tried messing with different blending functions? I would be interested to see what adding this call would do glBlendFunc(GL_ONE_MINUS_DST_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA);. Or something similar (you'd have to play around with the blending functions to find something that worked for you). Just a thought... – Ian Jul 26 '11 at 14:05
ok..Thanks..but i have used them in project.. – user863444 Jul 27 '11 at 4:35
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You can apply "layers" mechanism, where the paint is opaque but they layer as a whole is partly transparent.. I read it in forum somewhere..

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