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I have complex formula calculating the value of a cell and it calculates the value for me.

I want to get rid of the formula from the cell and want to retain the calculated value.

I have :

Dim range As Excel.Range = getRange()
For Each cell in range
    ' What should do to retain the value and get rid of the formula in the cell.
Next cell

Please help.. its very urgent !

Its making me nuts.. !

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Is a duplicate question: stackoverflow.com/questions/6844444/… –  Alen Jul 27 '11 at 18:14
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What about:

For Each cell in range
   cell.Value = cell.Value
Next cell
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If a VBA doesn't pay off, try

  • pressing F2 (edit) F9 (calculate) ENTER (save value) for a single cell
  • copy a range and PasteSpecial/Values onto itself for larger ranges
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