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I encountered this error:

cannot convert 'V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_T' to 'V_DTLPROD_BTN_FN_T' in argument passing

in code line:

[ m_vPromoDetails   changeButton : V_DTLPROMO_BTN_2 btnFn : V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_ADD ]; 

Both arguments are of type V_DTLPROMO_BTN_T & V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_T which is are enum declared in the .h file. Things were working fine until I changed the implementation file extension to .mm from .m to accommodate some C/C++ related code.

Prototype declaration

- ( void )changeButton : ( V_DTLPROMO_BTN_T    )button 
             btnFn : ( V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_T )btnFn

Enum definitions

    typedef enum
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_NONE        =   0,   /**< None                       */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_RECOMMEND   =   1,   /**< Recommend                  */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_ADD         =   2,   /**< Add                        */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_DELETE      =   3,   /**< Delete                     */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_LOCATE      =   4,   /**< Locate                     */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_BUY_NOW     =   5,   /**< Buy Now                    */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_SHOPPED     =   6,   /**< Shopped                    */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_TWEET       =   7,   /**< Locate                     */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_FN_NUM         =   8    /**< Number of function choices */


    typedef enum
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_1     =   0,   /**< Button: 1         */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_2     =   1,   /**< Button: 2         */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_3     =   2,   /**< Button: 3         */
  V_DTLPROMO_BTN_NUM   =   3    /**< Number of buttons */

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Can you include the prototype from the header file? – Kevin Jul 26 '11 at 13:43
I would expect you have exactly what it tells you is happening - a type mismatch someplace. Doublecheck all of the prototypes and enumerations to make sure they're correct. – Carl Norum Jul 26 '11 at 18:07
You probably need an extern "C" if you're using .mm and .m files otherwise some would get C linkage and others would get C++ linkage. Oh, and I'm assuming from the name that the type is a function pointer. – Steven Behnke Jul 26 '11 at 18:09
@carl I have already got every thing running if i don't include the new cpp stuff in obj c classes ,thus that rules out type mismatch.A similar kind of code snippet even compiled in a different class without any errors. – Mayank Sharma Jul 26 '11 at 18:15
@steven yes it is a function pointer but how to make sure all the classes get c++ linkage? – Mayank Sharma Jul 26 '11 at 18:16
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V_DTLPROD_BTN_FN_T is an enum declared in another class.My detailpromo class was somehow getting confused by that enum in detailprod class.I noticed that the function names were same in both the classes ,so I tried to change the function name from changeButton to changeButtonForPromo.That did the trick and errors were removed.Still havent got the technical explanation for that.

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