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Here is how i am adding the item to a cookie.



$product = $_GET['p'];

setcookie("products[$product]", $product,time()+3600,'/','domainehre.com');

echo "$product added to basket";
//Show current basket products


It adds to cookies all great and i can view the cookie all good.

but its not removing with this code:



$product = $_GET['remove'];

if (isset($_COOKIE["products"])) {
  //Remove product/s from basket
    setcookie("products[$product]", "", time()-3600);
    echo "Removed $product from basket, <br /> <a href='basket.php'>Click here to go back to basket</a>";
    echo "Basket is empty";

What do you guys think it is ?


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Remove the cookie using the same domain and path it was set with:

setcookie("products[$product]", "", time()-3600);

// Should be
setcookie("products[$product]", "", time()-3600, '/', 'domainhere.com');
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I'm assuming that the name of the GET parameter is "products". To remove the cookie you have to do this:

setcookie("products", "", time()-3600);

The w3c school has a great example:


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