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Recently i read a blog to learn about JQuery. There I saw some free scripts and tools which enhanced my site's user interface. But they were only for non-commercial purpose. Now I need a trick to get the free version for my commercial use. Any one please try this or give me some tips and sites to get free version of JQuery Rich Text Editor.

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Let's be clear here: You're asking us for a "trick" to get a free version of a tool that the author wants you to pay $5 for? Or is this actually spam for the editor? Either way, I don't think it's appropriate here. –  T.J. Crowder Jul 26 '11 at 13:43
It also appears the OP has never heard of Google or another search engine... –  Bojangles Jul 26 '11 at 13:47

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that is called stealing my son. Don't think anyone will be able to help.

Here are some alternatives if you dont want to spend $5: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1141073/whats-the-best-wysiwyg-editor-for-use-with-jquery


See the link is no longer working after some years, try these:

Looking for WYSIWYG HTML editor

Which HTML WYSIWYG tool do you recommend?

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thanks for the useful link to something productive, even in response to this question! –  Chris Farmer Jul 26 '11 at 13:51

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