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I'm working on a small game using the Play framework and JPA. I've read their documentation, and most of it is quite clear, but I really don't understand how to combine conditions, especially with one of the values that I want to check, being a boolean.

My User class has an online datamember:

public online;

I'm using a mysql database and this column is saved as a bit(1). What I want to do is fetch a list of all the users that are online (online = true) and are also in a specific room.

I know how to do the second part, but I don't know how to check if online is set to true or not in the database.

This is what I have:

List<User> userList = User.find("byRoom", room).fetch();

How do I check for the online status?

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Their simplified query API suggests that you should be able to use something like: User.find("byRoomAndOnline", room, 1).fetch().

Otherwise, you can use a something more JPA-ish query: User.find("room = ? and online = 1", room).fetch()

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