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I'm working on a simple SIMBL bundle to decrease the FullScreen animation time in Lion. It's no big deal to change the animation of the windows, however doing that for the menubar/desktop animation part (where the menubar+desktop slide to the left) is a problem. I think that Dock.app is responsible for that animation. However, SIMBL can't inject a bundle into Dock.app (same with Finder).

I tried creating a .dylib which then would be loaded into Dock by setting the LSEnvironment in Dock's Info.plist but that failed.

Is there any good way to inject a bundle/dylib into Dock.app? Thanks in Advance

PS: Dock is root:wheel :(

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you can also check inject&interpose

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it's been some while since I checked back. thanks for that suggestion –  YllierDev Apr 19 '12 at 18:27
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Because I only need x64 injection (Lion) I ended up using this https://github.com/StarProject/StarRuntime It's way easier to use than mach_inject or similar and GPL.

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How did you use StarRuntime? Can you share some details? –  MacGeek Sep 1 '11 at 16:05

You cannot inject in Dock & Finder with SIMBL. SIMBL works for cocoa applications only! You have to write your own injection system something like this, http://scplugin.tigris.org/svn/scplugin/trunk/ (username:guest, password:guest) or Look for Application Enhancer.

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