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I have two models:

class TrackItem
  key :state, Integer, :default => 1

  many :track_jobs

class TrackJob
  key :invoke_at, Time

  belongs_to :track_item

I want make query with join:

item = TrackItem.create(:state => 1)
item.track_jobs.create(:invoke_at => Time.now)

TrackJob.where("track_item.state" => 1).all # => []

Return empty array. Where is problem?

MongoDB log:

MONGODB track_tweets_development['track_tweets.models.track_jobs'].find({:"track_item.state"=>1})
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I'm not familiar with Ruby, but try this:

TrackItem.where(:state => 1).first.track_jobs # => should result in all specified track_jobs (so the one you created at line 2)

Since you're adding track-jobs as a embedded document, you can query the (parent) document. It'll automatically contain all your track_jobs.

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TrackItem.where(:state => 1).first.track_jobs - is inappropriate exemple for me. I need to get all jobs, not only by one item. –  super_p Jul 27 '11 at 15:32
You do get all jobs you assigned to one TrackItem. It gets all track_jobs assigned to one TrackItem. (You say it'ld get one track_job assigned to any TrackItems.) –  Tim Jul 27 '11 at 16:49

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