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I'm using gdata-python-client to read data of a Google spreadsheet. This is a code for reading rows.

import gdata.speadsheet.text_db

gd_client = gdata.spreadsheet.text_db.DatabaseClient(

xls_db = gd_client.GetDatabases(spreadsheet_key=setting['spreadsheet_id'])
first_sheet = xls_db[0].GetTables()[0]
entries = first_sheet.GetRecords(1, 200)

let's say, the spreadsheet has 160 rows and 12th row is empty. When I try to read the all 160 rows using the above code, it'll only read first 11 rows(until the empty row). If the spreadsheet hasn't any empty row, the code can read all 160 rows.

When I try to read next rows of the empty row, it'll return nothing. for example:

entries = first_sheet.GetRecords(50, 55) # entries is None

How can I read all rows from a Google spreadsheet which is containing empty row.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sorry, may be it's too late :), I just found this question at this time...

So, here is the documentation of Google Docs spreadsheet API: http://code.google.com/apis/spreadsheets/data/3.0/developers_guide.html

and there is the answer:

"The list feed contains all rows after the first row up to the first blank row."

Btw, I think when the feed ends, there aren't much rows, you see it in vain :)



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You can use CellFeed in case your excel has empty rows in between

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