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I use the code below to play the laser ship sound, but it only works in the simulator. Why?

the code :

[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] preloadEffect:@"Laser_ship.caf"];


[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] playEffect:@"Laser_ship.caf" pitch:1.0f pan:0.0f gain:0.25f];

also I use about 8 effect sounds that all work properly.

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Is the case of your filename correct? The simulator is case insensitive but the device isn't :)

i.e. you have @"Laser_ship.caf", is it really called @"laser_ship.caf"

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Awesome Thank you Very much I have 2 versions of the sounds (mp4 and caf) this is the only one has deference in the name. – Bobj-C Jul 26 '11 at 15:07
No problem - I run into this all the time! – deanWombourne Jul 26 '11 at 15:27

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