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I am trying to do panning of a movieclip

I have two movieclips on stage. canvasPanel_mc and mask_mc. The former is the maskee for the mask (mask_mc). Inside mask_mc there is a movieclip dragCanvas_mc. The alpha of dragCanvas_mc is set to zero. This is code that I am using:


function onStartDrag(evt:MouseEvent)
function onStopDrag(evt:MouseEvent)

I have figured that since the mask_mc is set as a mask the MouseEvents are not being registered. Is there any way to make it respond to MouseEvents. Or should I work out some other way.

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the structure of your layers should be looking like this:

  • holder_mc
    • dragCanvas_mc
    • mask_mc
    • canvasPanel_mc


canvasPanel_mc.mask = mask_mc;

when you are setting mask_mc as mask for canvasPanel_mc, then mask_mc becomes just a diplayobject, so that it would bypass the mouseEvents and etc...

then your code would be looking like this, it would drag all of the holder_mc:


function onStartDrag(evt:MouseEvent)
    stage.addEventListener ( MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP,onStopDrag)
function onStopDrag(evt:MouseEvent)
    stage.removeEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP,onStopDrag)

@pkyeck solution is valid too, but only when you have no user iteraction inside the canvasPanel_mc

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Both solutions are valid. In my case I have a lot of user interations inside the canvasPanel_mc.Thanks a lot pkyeck and Jevgenij Dmitrijev. – Bobby Francis Joseph Jul 27 '11 at 5:45

the content you want to mask doesn't have to be inside the mask-movieclip. normally the mask is just a rectangular sprite/shape with nothing in it except a drawing on the graphics canvas.

var mask:Shape = new Shape();, 1);, 0, 20, 20);

then you would create the container:

var container:Sprite = new Sprite();
container.mask = mask;

and then just add the eventlistener to the container:

container.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onMouseDown);
private function onMouseDown(evt:MouseEvent):void

you could also put additional MCs into the container sprite ...

example on wonderfl:

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