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I am looking into clearing up my confusion on how to capture and render audio using native code on the Android platform. What I've heard is that theres an API for audio called OpenSL. Is there any recommended guides and tutorials on how to use it?

Also, is there any good audio wrappers for OpenSL, such as an OpenAL wrapper or something? I've developed the audio part with OpenAL on other platforms, so it would be nice to re-use the code.

Is there limitations to OpenSL - like, something that has to be done in Java code?

How much does OpenSL differ to OpenAL?


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There's a native audio example included in the samples/ directory of recent ndk releases.

It claims to use OpenSL ES

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@KaiserJohaan Hi . I want to record audio internally in android . Actully i want to overlap some mp3 files and also want to change the tempo . I can play multiple mp3 files together with increased or decreased tempo with the help of Soundpool class . But cannot store them as single file in sdcard. What i want to achieve is that i will play them and record them , and save that recorded file in sdcard . But if i record it with inbuilt mic then recorded file has so much noise. So i thought may be it is possible to record them internally . Can you help in this ... Thanks –  Harsh Aug 29 '12 at 14:35

OpenSL and OpenAL differ quick a bit in terms of interfaces. However, they do have a very similar pattern and the use case is similar too. One this to be aware of is that in the current implementation OpenSL suffers from the same latency issues the java audio apis have.

When using OpenSL you don't have to call any Java code. The latest NDK has support for a native asset manager so no more going through JNI to pass byte arrays around :)

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