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First assertion was failed and execution was stopped. But I want to continue the further snippet of code.

Is there possible in PHPUnit

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You could just store up the failures for the end, say with a

$passing = true;
if (! false) { $passing = false; }
if (! true) { $passing = false; }

but I highly discourage this form of testing. I have written tests like this, and they exponentially get out of hand, and worse, you start to get weird failures for hard-to-find reasons.

Additionally, smarter people than me agree, tests should not have any conditionals (if/else, try/catch), because each conditional adds significant complexity to the test. If a conditional is needed, perhaps both the test and the SUT, or System Under Test, should be looked at very carefully, for ways to make it simpler.

A much better way would be to change it to be two tests, and if they share a significant portion of the setup, then move those two tests into a new test class, with the shared setup performed in the Setup() method.

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that defeats the point of a unit test. you might want to break it into a few more test methods instead of having a monolithic test method.

Here is some pseudo-code, as a bad example.

   someResult = MyMethod();
   myResult2 = MyMethod2(someResult);

MyMethod2 and myResult2 will fail.

Here is a better example.

   someResult = MyMethod();
   myResult2 = MyMethod2(someCorrectResult);
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Like the OP, I needed the obvious answer. PHPUnit continues after a failed test by default, just not within a single test. –  Seth Battin May 12 at 20:44
@SethBattin so this is what you needed? –  Daniel A. White May 13 at 10:50
It is, thank you. –  Seth Battin May 13 at 12:54

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