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I have a simple function:

function name() {
 extract( myfunction_atts( array(
        'one' => '',  
        'two' => '',  
        ), $atts ) ); 

  /* CODE */

 return $output; /* return dataName(); in second case */

Now, I want the return to output this code:

    $output .= include_once(ADDRESS_CONST."/script.php");
    $output .= $data = data($one); 
    $output .= foreach($data->do($two) as $e) {;
    $output .= $e->info;
    $output .= } ;    

Gives syntax error, unexpected T_FOREACH.

So I need a function, the point is:

function dataName() {

        /* global $one;
        global $two;
        doesn't work */

        $data = data($one); 

        foreach($data->do($two) as $e) {;
        } ;  

Doesn't "see" $one and $two variables. I'm sure I'm missing something and there's probably an easier way?

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+1 for the megalols. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jul 26 '11 at 16:45

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The foreach cannot be assigned like this :

$output .= foreach($data->do($two) as $e) {;
$output .= $e->info;
$output .= } ; 

Instead, what you want is to loop with the foreach(), and, inside the loop, assign the current value to your $output :

foreach ($data->do($two) as $e) {
    $output .= $e->info;

Basically speaking, foreach() is a control structure : it allows your script to loop ; but that's all : it doesn't return any value by itself.

On the other hand, inside the loop, you can do pertty much whatever you want : the foreach() only make sure that this code is executed for each item of your array.

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Oh my, this is brilliant! Checking! :) –  Wordpressor Jul 26 '11 at 16:30

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