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I have a Flex ActionScript component. How can I apply CSS to this component? I'm hoping to be able to apply styles from an external CSS file.

CSS Selector in file 'global.css':


My Flex component:

package components
import mx.containers.Panel;

public class myPanel extends Panel
public function myPanel()

override protected function createChildren():void
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Unfortunately, if your component is defined via Actionscript, you'll have to manually define your css styles within the constructor or init function (e.g.):

//create and initialize css
var myCSS:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
myCSS.setStyle("body", {fontSize:'15',color:'#000066'});
myCSS.setStyle("h1", {fontSize:'25',color:'#000000'});
myCSS.setStyle("h2", {fontSize:'19',color:'#000000'});
myCSS.setStyle("a:link", {color:'#0000CC',textDecoration:'none'});
myCSS.setStyle("a:hover", {color:'#0000FF',textDecoration:'underline'});
myCSS.setStyle("b", {fontWeight:'bold'});
myCSS.setStyle("em", {fontWeight:'bold'});

An easier way would be to define your component as an mxml component and define the stylesheet in the header, like so:

<fx:Style source="../assets/css/global.css"/>

And your css file:

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You can add style to your element:

this.setStyle('styleName', 'myPanel');

(not sure about this, need to be checked, but if you have element it will work) In this case selector


will work

To load css file use:

<fx:Style source="qx.css"/>

in you mxml file

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