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What is difference between 10/5 and 10%5 in JavaScript? Are both same ?

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10/5 is division operation and depending on the data type storing the result in might not give you the result expected. if storing in a int you will loose the remainder.

10%2 is a modulus operation. it will return the remainder from the division and is commonly used to determine if a number is odd or even. take any given number mod 2 (N%2) and if the result is is 0 then you know the number is even.

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10/5 = 2
10%5 = 0

% is modulo

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One is your basic division operation:

10/5 => 2
10/4 => 2.5

The other is the modulo operator, which will give you the integer remainder of the division operation.

10%5 => 0
10%4 => 2
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10/5 divides 10/5 = 2
10%5 divides 5 and returns the remainder, 0, so
10%5 = 0

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What is mean of rerun to remainder – Jitendra Vyas Jul 26 '11 at 16:49

10 / 5 is 2. 10 % 5 is 0.

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10 / 5 is 10 divided by 5 so it is basic division

10 % 5 is 10 modulo 5 so it is the remainder of a division operation

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In pretty much every language % is a modulus not a divide symbol. It does divide but it gives you just the remainder rather than the divided number.

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% is the modulus operator: it gives you the remainder of the division.

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