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I need know how can get a parameter from the URL. I mean if have


I need to get the id from the URL, I know that in jQuery is $.url.param("id");

But in Dojo how it is done?

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The relevant function is dojo.queryToObject(string) it returns an object containing the key-value pairs from the query string. This way, you can use either




Do note that this function receives only the query part of the url. You can get this information via, as mentioned by Ghislain in the comments.

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I suggest using to get the query part of the URL. You just have to remove the leading '?' before passing it to queryToObject : dojo.queryToObject([0] === "?" ? 1 : 0))) – Ghislain Leveque Feb 10 '12 at 16:43

In new dojo it's accessed with io-query:

 ], function (ioQuery) {
    GET = ioQuery.queryToObject(decodeURIComponent(;
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+1. Note that dojo.doc became deprecated in Dojo 1.8. Use document instead if using Dojo 1.9+. – Incredulous Monk Aug 30 '14 at 0:41

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