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I want to fill a form using python mechanize. form looks like:

<POST multipart/form-data
  <SelectControl(dhost=[*, 28, 27])>
  <SubmitControl(<None>=Submit) (readonly)>
  <HiddenControl(_formkey=85819e5a-02bb-42c8-891f-3ddac485438b) (readonly)>
  <HiddenControl(_formname=migrate_create) (readonly)>>

How do i set the value of live or undefinesource (checkbox) to True(ticked) or False(untick) Items of live and undefinsource are:

>>> print br.form.controls[4].get_items()
[<Item name='on' id='migrate_undefinesource' checked='checked' name='undefinesource' type='checkbox' id='migrate_undefinesource' value='on' class='boolean'>]
>>> print br.form.controls[3].get_items()
[<Item name='on' id='migrate_live' checked='checked' name='live' type='checkbox' id='migrate_live' value='on' class='boolean'>]
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One way that I have done it is

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that works, thanks :) :) –  Jatin Kumar Jul 27 '11 at 15:46

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