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I'm getting the following error when I try to update my repository. Can someone explain what it means?

Command: Update
Error: URL
Error: 'http://mysvn/foo'
Error: of existing directory
Error: 'C:\SVN\MyProj\NinjectModules\Models' does not match
Error: expected URL 'http://mysvn/foo/NinjectModules/Models'

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This kind of error message is usually associated with letter casing errors in the svn repository. Perhaps your svn is installed on a Linux machine and there you have two identical folders:


And initially SVN checks out MySVN/Foo and it doesn't find the \NinjectModules\Models folder because it is in /mysvn/foo location

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It is not always a case problem

I encountered this error message due to improper directory moving that scrambled the svn data. The way I fixed it was to delete the working copy directory and then svn update that directory.

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