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Apple has decreed that all applications submitted to the Mac App Store must be sandboxed, starting in November.

Ok, but how can I "sandbox" my app?

I found the official Apple's guide Code Signing And Application Sandboxing Guide.

This document lists the following steps:

1) "Enable sandboxing for your application." Ok, easy: I have to open Xcode 4, select the project, select the target, go to the Summary tab and check:

  • "Enable Entitlements"
  • "Enable App Sandboxing"
  • ...and every single entitlement I'm interested in.

2) Then: "Once you have created a basic entitlements profile, you should sign your application". In short, the guide says to run the command "codesign" on the .app.

But on which .app?

I have to do this every time I compile?

Xcode does not do that in automatic?

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If you turn on sandboxing for your app, Xcode will automatically sign the built product using the codesign tool.

You'd only need to run the codesign tool manually if you wanted to customise the code signing behaviour.

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Thank you Rob. I also thought that Xcode does automatically sign the build using codesign. However, when I run my app and I open Activity Monitor, I see No on the column Sandbox. Is that correct? There is a way to better understand what happens behind the scenes? –  Dev Jul 27 '11 at 6:56
It should "just work". Do you have a code signing developer certificate installed in your keychain? Is Xcode producing any warnings during the build process? Have you tried doing a "Clean" on your project? –  Rob Keniger Jul 27 '11 at 7:26
You are right! My problem was due to the fact that when I run the app, it is used the Debug build configuration. And in my case the Code Signing Identity for Debug is "Don't code sign". Thank you! –  Dev Jul 27 '11 at 7:40

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